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No, no, not those 90s!

So, I haven’t really updated in a while, but I had an experience I had to share…

I was fortunate enough to go to a “We ♥ the 90s” night here. I figured it would either go grunge — something like Nirvana and STP — or maybe stay pop and go with some Paula Abdul or Janet Jackson. Either way, it’d be a fun night filled with nostalgia and singing. I was feeling a little bad about not having any flanel or hammerpants, when I saw tons of people coming in wearing all kinds of neon and carrying whistles, glowsticks, bubbles… everything you’d need for a rave. Turns out the 90s here weren’t quite the same 90s we had in the US.

Think of every Europop stereotype you can imagine. Now, eliminate any guilt you may have for stereotyping and you’d have my night. In fact, there seems to have been a formula to songs that came out back then. The song typically opens with a high-pitched girl declaring herself to be a space alien, a tamagotchi, a barbie… pretty much anything other than a human female. Eventually a low-pitched man comes in talking about things vaguely related to this girl’s claim, accompanied by some fast-paced techno music. Then the crowd goes wild.

Also, the group that does “What is love?” from the “Night at the Roxbury” routine from SNL was there. I mean, I guess they have a name and the song came before the sketch, but that’s what I know them as. The biggest tragedy of the night was they did their song twice, and no one from the entire audience was doing anything from the sketch. Not even the head thing! (For my Scandinavian friends, this is as inconceivable to us as a country without healthcare is to you)

The whole thing was actually really fun; I was just totally utterly unprepared for the music and the culture I encountered, considering what you usually get at a 90s party back home. Even the one artist I found slightly offensive was so outlandish and innocently ridiculous that I found myself singing along to his catchy song.

I also love the idea that I can be nostalgic about an era, others can be nostalgic about the same era, and our nostalgia will barely intersect. I’m scared and excited to go to an 80s night. I’ll be ready for anything from sideways ponytails to wooden clogs and everything in between.