Why Copenhagen?

Why Copenhagen? Why Denmark? I get that question enough I think I should write it out somewhere.

Most people assume it’s work, love, or some government regulations that brings me out here. It’s actually none of the above. I actually hadn’t even been to Denmark, nor had I met anyone from Denmark prior to me deciding to go.

I went to Sweden and Norway for a month or so back in November. The Scandinavians I randomly met were some of the nicest, most warm-hearted people ever.  To the point where I literally said to a few of them “Stop it, your kindness is making me uncomfortable.” They seemed to be caring on a large-scale as well, as in they seem to care about their citizens.  At the very least, they give them things like socialized health care, their allotment towards education, not to mention that their public transportation is (relatively) clean and reliable.  Not that I personally needed lots of that, but when people are generally not miserable, it seems to reflect on the way you feel while walking around in public and interacting with people day-to-day.

I started looking at other stats as well, such as their sociology.  There’s the happiness index, an organizing principle and other random sources that claim this is a great place. There’s also the fact that their economy is far less in ruins than most of the world right now.

They also seem to know how to actually balance work and life.  I feel like we’re getting into a feudalistic perma-debt situation in the US, and even when you’re doing fairly well for yourself, you still feel like your situation is precariously hanging on your job. If you lose your job, you lose absolutely everything. This makes people very stressed workaholics, and not really willing to push the status quo at work.

I have no idea if any of that is different here. I might find the exact same things. I might find something completely different. But I thought I’d explore while I still have the ability to do so.  I’ll try to keep this updated as to how it goes!


  1. Nimish! Glad to have found your blog and was wondering what you were doing in Denmark. . . It sounds like everything’s amazing. I’m inspired and delighted by the bits of news I get through FB (and now here). Metta from SF 🙂

    1. Thank you!! The FB snippets I get of your world also sound pretty incredible and…very active! Glad to see you’re taking care of yourself and inspiring others, as usual =) Much kærlighed back from the Viking lands!

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